Assembly Manufacturing Services

Assembly Manufacturing Services

Assembly can be an extensive process. Component sourcing, quality control, assembly planning, metal machining & tolerance control, the assembly process, welding and joining, testing, and inspection are only a few of the factors involved. Team capabilities, equipment capabilities, technical ability, supply chain scope, etc. are the core.

Shuopu offers a “Turnkey Solution” to our customers by providing comprehensive quality driven assembly and fulfillment operations. Shuopu’s vast experience in this area allows us to assemble dozens or even hundreds of component parts and or hardware to any product manufactured or fabricated by Shuopu.

In addition to assembling parts we manufacture, Shuopu also embraces the value-added service of assembling customer supplied hardware or components (Motors, circuits, hydraulic systems, etc.) and building a complete sub-assembly or finished product to our customers specifications.


Why Manufacturing and Metal Assembly Services Together?

· Quality Ensurance

The equipment has been debugged before being delivered, can reducing your on-site assembly error rate.

· A Simplified Supply Chain

Reduce your number of suppliers and streamline procurement and logistics.

· Expertise + Specialization

We have the equipment necessary for precision assembly work to ensure product quality.

· Cost Predictability

With fewer variables in the production process, it’s easier to predict costs and set realistic budgets.


Have a new design or a modification to your instrument or machinery? Let us know some of the details you wish us to tackle for you.