In OEM metal fabrication, finishing is essential to protect components from harsh conditions and wear. Many industries require specialized finishes to protect metal components from environmental factors like heat or corrosion.

Metal finishing is a crucial process in Shuopu’s manufacure-to-delivery metal manufacturing service. It allows us to support you with both fabricated assemblies and machined components ready for shipping or delivered directly to the end-user. Shuopu has dedicated sites for metal finishing treatment. Our professionals have extensive experience in working with many components of various sizes and complexities, so we can provide you with high-quality finishing services.


Finishing Service With Shuopu:

· Grinding & Deburring

· Sand Blasting (Sand blasting room 40m×10m×10m, Level SA3)

· Wet Painting (International well-known brand HEMPEL, AKZONOBEL, JOTUN, INTERNATIONAL, etc.)

· Full Powder Coat Line (Wash, Heat, Paint, Dry)


Our strict operating procedures and investments in the latest technology enable us to fabricate components that meet or exceed the specifications of almost any industry. Shuopu strictly controls every step to ensure product quality. Before sandblasting, we ensure that the air humidity and temperature meet the standards. Painting must be carried out within 8 hours after sandblasting to prevent oxidation of the metal surface. And we conduct adhesion testing and thickness inspection on the primer and topcoat of each component.