Oil & Energy

Petroleum and gas engineering is an engineering and technical field that utilizes scientific theories, methods, technologies, and equipment to efficiently drill for underground oil and gas resources, maximize and economically extract oil and gas from formations to the surface, and separate, measure, transport them. It operations rely on static and rotating equipment to meet their goals, and each part has to withstand extreme environments. With the wide range of mission-critical parts in the oil and energy industry, you need a manufacturer that understands component demands, material testing, and part testing requirements.

At Shuopu, our precision manufacturing capabilities and turnkey solutions for extraction equipment make us stand apart from other oil and gas equipment manufacturers. We are committed to your satisfaction and have the space and equipment at our facility to exceed your expectations every time you order. Certified welding procedures and material tracing help ensure we can provide you with durable, high-quality parts that meet or exceed industry standards.