How ShuoPu Keeps Employee Safe?

How ShuoPu Keeps Employee Safe?

07 Jun, 2022

Employees are the most important asset in ShuoPu. As a socially responsible metal manufacturing enterprise, ShuoPu pays more attention to workers safety. Thus, we have our own special safety production rules.

Safety is particularly important in the manufacturing industry, where workers regularly interact with potentially dangerous machines known as saws, lathes, drills, presses, welding equipment, cutting tools, and other machine tools. Therefore, for different producing area, such as automatic blasting zone, laser cutting zone, automatic welding zone and so on, ShuoPu has strict manufacturing safety signs.

To prevent or lessen the risk of workplace injury, Personal Protective Equipment must be required before enter factory. P.P.E includes gloves, safety hoods and shoes, earplugs, hard hats, respirators, and full body suits that employees can utilize to protect themselves from hazards in the manufacturing environment.

In order to minimize the fatal work injury rate, ShuoPu established a department dedicated to worker safety and a medical response team which alerted 24 hours. To prevent workplace accident and injury occur during the production process, our safety site supervisors will continuously patrol the workshop during working hours.

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