In this field, the ability to coordinate processing resources is very important.

We can provide customers with services such as purchasing raw materials, welding, manufacturing and CNC machining. 

In addition, we also have many suppliers who specialize in casting, stamping, forging, electroplating, anodizing, polishing, and mirror finishing. 

We can not only help you reduce the cost of communication with each link, but also help you monitor the quality level, reduce the cost of errors, and improve your production efficiency.

One - Stop Service

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One Stop Service

In terms of steel structure, our one-stop service is reflected in:

A: Design of a full set of drawings (3D drawings, installation drawings, etc.)---investigate the climate and geographic location of the construction site, accurately calculate all aspects of the load, and design a safe and reliable plan.

B: Strict quality control --- Real-time communication of production progress, strict control of quality standards.

C: Professional installation team support---provide selective installation services, have internationally certified engineers, and have rich installation experience.

D: Humanized after-sales service---timeliness of response, unique and experienced opinions and professional solutions.

In the metal processing industry, we pay more attention to the quality of steel structures in the process of producing steel structures, and every link is refined; as a steel structure plant, we pay attention to the aspects that customers care about, quality, safety, life, after-sales, every One link is closely linked.